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Conditions of Use

Designs (either purchased or free) can not be sold, traded, shared or included in another design package, including copying with intent or sharing with friends or family. Designs can be used on items to be sold as long as you do not mass produce. If you are a home crafter and stitch out the designs yourself, you can sell the products you make with the designs on them (ie on E bay, through a website, at markets, or in craft shops). I do not consider this mass producing and I fully encourage the use for these purposes. Plus, if you get a chance, I would love to see what you do with the designs and post a link to your site or E bay shop! Please note that copying the embroidery designs files or sharing them is a copyright violation and consequently is illegal. This is irrespective of whether you purchase the design or download a sample. You merely have a license to use the software/download in accordance with my terms. However, you are allowed to make one copy for back-up purposes. You are also allowed to customize designs for your personal use, but you must not offer the customized embroidery design files for resale (only on hand finished products) or claim it as your own. I am not be responsible for the integrity of the design file once you have customized it. No refunds due to the electronic nature of the product.